Andrew Cullen


Andrew Cullen is a private advisor to public and private organisations in the areas of public service reform, economic regulation, corporate governance and social policy. He currently acts in an advisory capacity to a number of local authorities, most notably Louth and Fingal in the area of social policy, as well as a ‘Top 5’ consultancy firm in Dublin and Public Affairs Ireland in relation to corporate governance and economic regulation, as well as some private sector clients.


Andy has extensive background, at both national and international levels, in the area of economic regulation, corporate governance, investment appraisal and risk management in the transport, energy and telecommunication sectors. Up until 2009, he was as an Assistant Secretary General in the Department of Transport with responsibility for the public transport sector, with particular emphasis on strategy and planning, economic regulation and market liberalisation, corporate governance of State bodies and capital and the management of current and capital investment programmes.


He has extensive experience in establishing, rationalizing and resourcing the state body sector including State regulatory agencies Comreg, CER, Commission for Aviation Regulation, Railway Safety Commission, Commission for Taxi Regulation succeeded by the National Transport Authority. With such agencies he has also been involved in the assessing and approving proposals in relation to organisation design and resourcing in terms of appropriateness of proposals for the task, grade, pay levels and numbers and value for money which are relevant to the task envisaged with the Financial Ombudsman

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