The Public Policy Advisors Network is the first, full service, public policy network in Ireland. We offer our clients collective expertise covering all aspects of public policy development rooted in practical experience and academic excellence. We support our clients in the preparation of evidence-based policy positions, research papers and contributions to policy development in the public policy arena. We can guide clients through the often confusing layers of public management in Ireland and at international level. We can make sense of international and Irish public management, the political dynamics behind the policy processes and where the critical points in the policy process should be managed. We have unique insights into policy formulation at EU level.

We can draw upon an unparalleled range of expertise from within the network to deal with:

  • Local Government
  • Options Appraisal
  • Public Procurement
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Strategic and Corporate Planning
  • Trade and Investment
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Value for Money’ (VFM) assessments
  • Visioning & blue printing